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Joyce Meyer Daily Devotionals January 30 2022 : Mistakes Made—Lessons Learned

    Joyce Meyer Daily Devotionals January 30 2022 : 


    Many people today continue to fall back into the mistakes and patterns of their past. They keep going around the same mountain, time and time again, having to learn the same lesson multiple times.

    Wisdom is learning from your mistakes and moving on. You don’t have to keep making the same error or keep failing in the same area of life—you can have victory once and for all!

    Let’s say you lost your temper and yelled at your kids or your spouse yesterday. Well, that was a mistake. It’s not God’s best and you probably felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit the moment it happened. You have a choice to make. You can: 1) Be condemned for your mistake 2) Be glad you’ve been forgiven, but don’t bother to learn anythingor 3) Take your mistake to God and ask Him to forgive you and teach you from it. If you’ll choose to learn from your mistakes, you’ll begin growing in spiritual maturity, peace, and the joy of the Lord.

    Prayer Starter: Father, anytime I start to compare myself with someone else, remind me that in Your eyes, we are all the same and You love me, amen.


    Credit for today’s daily devotional by Joyce Meyer of Joyce Meyer Ministries :

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