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Joyce Meyer daily devotionals January 29 2022 : Celebrate Who God Made You to Be

    Joyce Meyer daily devotionals January 29 2022


    Sometimes we see the wicked succeeding and getting away with evil and it discourages us. As children of God, we expect to be blessed more than those who are not serving God. We might paraphrase a portion of Psalm 73 this way: “It looked to me as if the wicked were better off than the righteous, until I realized God’s patience does run out and He will deal with them.”

    The Bible emphatically states that the wicked in the end will be cut off, but the righteous shall inherit the land. I don’t think “the end” necessarily means the end of the world or the end of our lives. I think it means when all is said and done, in due time (God’s time), the blessings of the child of God will surpass those of the wicked. The Word of God says in Galatians 6:9 that if we refuse to become weary in well doing, in due time we shall reap if we don’t faint.

    It is a serious mistake to look at what other people have and compare it to what you have. God has an individual and unique plan for each of us, and comparison only tends to be a source of discouragement or pride. If we feel we are better off than others, we may become prideful (thinking more highly of ourselves than we should); if we feel they are better off than us, we may become discouraged and even depressed.

    It is vital that you learn to accept and respect the person God made you to be. All of our behaviors may be far from what they need to be, but if we are willing to change, God will keep working with us, and every day we will get better and better in every way. Don’t despise yourself because of your imperfections; instead, learn to celebrate your successes, even small ones.

    Have you seen someone do something wrong and get away with it, or even be rewarded for it? Don’t get discouraged or depressed when it seems like others are successfully getting away with evil. Continue to do what you know is right and trust God to work it out in the end.

    Prayer Starter: Father, please help me not to compare myself with others and to celebrate my successes, no matter how small, amen.


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