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Joyce Meyer Daily Devotionals August 22 2022 : Prayer: A Two-Way Conversation

    Joyce Meyer Daily Devotionals August 22 2022 :

    Prayer is meant to be a conversation. When you’re praying, make sure to listen to what God tells you either through His Word or as a direct revelation to your heart (which will always line up with the Word of God).

    Communication is a two-way street. It doesn’t consist of one person doing all the talking while the other does all the listening. You may have to develop an ability to listen, but God has some very awesome things to say if we learn to hear Him.

    God has invited us into a relationship of fellowship with Him. It is to be an intimate relationship in which we share absolutely everything. God is not someone we visit for one hour on Sunday morning and ignore the rest of the week unless we have an emergency. He is someone we live with. He is our home, and we can be comfortable with Him.

    Prayer Starter: Thank You, Father, for speaking to me and listening when I pray. I want to recognize Your voice and to hear You speak all throughout the day, amen.

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