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Joyce Meyer Daily Devotionals August 14 2022 : The Right Kind of Thoughts

    Joyce Meyer Daily Devotionals August 14 2022 :

    The thoughts we allow ourselves to dwell on will set the direction for our lives. This is why I often say, Where the mind goes, the man follows.

    If we have a negative mind, we will have a negative life. On the other hand, if we renew our mind according to God’s Word, we will experience the “good and acceptable and perfect” will of God for our lives (see Romans 12:2).

    Joyce Meyer daily devo August 14 2022

    Our struggles and our triumphs are rooted in thinking patterns. Negative thoughts produce discouragement, doubt, and fear, but we don’t have to live captive to those thoughts. We can choose to line our thoughts up with the Word of God.

    The mind is a battlefield. Ask God to give you the strength to help you start winning the battle today. Decide to resist negative thinking and dwell on positive, faith-filled, godly thoughts for your life instead.

    Prayer Starter: Lord, please give me strength to help me start winning the battle in my mind and change my wrong mindsets into right ones. In Your name, Jesus, I will begin resisting negative thoughts and think on positive, faith-filled thoughts instead, amen.

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