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Joyce Meyer daily devotionals August 11 2022: Make Excellence a Habit

    Joyce Meyer daily devotionals August 11 2022 :

    Integrity is defined as “a firm adherence to a code or standard of values; soundness.”

    As a Christian, your standards should be much higher than those of the world. What would an integrity check reveal about you? It’s something to think about.

    People of integrity are committed to a life of excellence—seeking to be better or to go beyond what is normally expected of them. Having integrity means you do the right thing even when nobody is looking, and you keep your word even if it costs you something.

    I encourage you to make excellence a habit, by following the example of Jesus, our standard of integrity. As God’s representative, you are called to show the world what He is like—and you may be the only Bible some people read.

    Prayer Starter: Father, help me be a person of integrity—someone who does the right thing, no matter what, amen.

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