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Joyce Meyer Daily Devotionals April 24 2022 : Making Wise Choices

    Joyce Meyer Daily Devotionals April 24 2022:

    Many times, you ask God to speak to you, but if He doesn’t respond with a specific word, you still have to live your daily life. You make decisions every day, and He doesn’t dictate every little choice you make. When you don’t get a spoken word from God, you need to use wisdom to make good choices. He expects you to handle some issues on your own. You shouldn’t always require a “big word” from God.

    For example, if you want to buy something and wonder if you should, the first (and most) obvious question you need to ask yourself is, “can I afford it?” If not, then wisdom would say, “don’t buy it!” The audible voice of God is not needed when wisdom is already shouting the truth. You need to be mature enough to do what you already know is right.

    Prayer Starter: Thank you, Father, for the gift of wisdom to make right choices, amen.

    Author: Joyce Meyer

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