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Joyce Meyer Devotional October 13 2021 – Do You Need an Upgrade?

    Joyce Meyer daily devotional October 13 2021 Do You Need an Upgrade?  – The famous preacher, devoted soul winner for Christ, friend of children and the poor, the wife of Dave Meyer and the founder of Joyce Meyer Ministry, Joyce Meyer has remained unshakable in her efforts to impact in the spiritual lives of people worldwide.

    This she has achieved tremendously through her daily online devotionals, daily sermons, messages of truth and unique Christ-like lifestyle.

    As part of her daily routine for the spiritual growth of the world, we are happy to bring to you Joyce Meyer daily devotional today 13 October 2021  titled ”Do You Need an Upgrade?” as contained in her official website (

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    We rush to get every new upgrade available for our computer and phone. We spend money, wait in lines, do whatever it takes to have the newest and best. We are very aggressive about having the best equipment available, but are we as aggressive about having the upgraded life Jesus offers us?

    The Bible says that the path of the righteous gets brighter and brighter every day (Prov. 4:18). This means God is always drawing us toward better and better things. He continually offers upgrades, and we should be determined to have each one of them.

    Living the best life God has for you will require some effort on your part. You will need to educate yourself on the life He offers and what it truly means to be born again. As a child of God, you have an inheritance and you have certain rights and privileges, but if you don’t know about them, you will never enjoy them. We educate ourselves through Bible study, reading good books about biblical principles, spending time with God, and being in community with other people who are seeking God as we are. We also need a lot of patience because God is usually not in a hurry. He is always working in our lives, but we are not always aware of it.

    Simply going to church once a week doesn’t necessarily help you attain the upgraded life you desire. It helps, but you will have to also seek God diligently every day of your life, not just once or twice a week. God has provided countless tools for us to help us grow, but we must avail ourselves of them. I want to challenge you to set aside at least 45 minutes to an hour a day and call it your “God Time.” Make it a goal, and if you need to begin with less time, that is okay because gradually you will desire more. During that time, you can study your Bible, talk to God in prayer, listen to a Bible teaching, read a book that will help you under- stand the Bible better, or simply sit in God’s presence and receive His love.

    If you do this diligently, you will find over time that you have changed and are enjoying yourself and your life much more than ever before. Any good relationship requires time, and your relationship with God is no different. God has so many wonderful things in His plan for you, and during this time you will learn what they are and how to access them. You can’t use what you don’t know you have! For example, you have a Helper, who is the Holy Spirit, and He is with you all the time. Anytime you need help with anything, all you need to do is ask. This and many other wonderful things are yours in Christ, so get busy learning about them and start enjoying the upgraded life Jesus died for you to have.

    Prayer Starter: Father, thank You for wanting to be in fellowship with me. Bring out everything I need to learn from studying Your Word so that my upgrade would be everything You want it to be. In Jesus’ name, amen!

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