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Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional November 2, 2021 – Patience and Wisdom Go Hand in Hand

    Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional November 2 2021 

    Theme : Patience and Wisdom Go Hand in Hand

    God wants us to use wisdom, and wisdom encourages patience. Wisdom says, “Wait a little while, until the emotions settle down, before you do or say something; then check to see if you really believe it’s the right thing to do.” Wisdom is grateful for what you already have and patiently moves into what God has for you next.

    Emotions urge us toward haste, telling us that we must do something and do it right now! But godly wisdom tells us to be patient and wait until we have a clear picture of what we are to do and when we are to do it. We need to be able to step back from our situations and see them from God’s perspective. Then we can make decisions based on what we know rather than on what we feel.

    Prayer Starter: I thank You, Father, that patience is a fruit of the Spirit I can demonstrate in my life. With Your help, I am determined to make decisions today with wisdom and patience. Thank You for guiding me along the way.

    Credit: The above is a daily message/devotional by Joyce Meyer for today November 2 2021 as contained in Joyce Meyer Ministries website ”

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