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Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional November 19 2023.

    The theme for today’s Joyce Meyer daily devotional November 19 2023 is ”Avoiding Excess”

    SCRIPTURE: Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand.— Philippians 4:5 (KJV)

    God’s Word teaches us to avoid excess or extremes. We have been given the fruit of self-control and we should use it at all times.

    There are many things we do that end up making us miserable because we do them excessively. We are free to enjoy anything that is not sinful, but we can turn a good thing into a bad thing by simply doing too much of it. We can talk too much, work too much, eat too much, spend too much money, and thousands of other things, but thankfully, we can also use self-control. Let’s make the right choice to always do things in moderation.

    Prayer of the Day: Father, thank You for the fruit of self-control. I’m sorry for any excess I have allowed in my life, and I ask You to help me do all things in moderation.

    Source: Joyce Meyer Ministries.

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