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Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional March 31 2022 : An Attitude of Submission

    Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional March 31 2022 :


    Today’s verse says a startling thing about our prayers when we are not properly related to authority or if we are rebellious—that they are detestable to God.

    We simply cannot grow up or mature without correction. If we are rebellious toward office policy, company rules, government guidelines, traffic laws, or toward any other form of authority, then we have more serious attitude problems than we might think. Being rebellious is not something to be proud of; it is something we need to be diligent to eliminate from our attitudes and behaviors! Why? Because if we refuse to submit to earthly authority, then we will not submit to God’s authority. That is called disobedience and it will keep our prayers from being effective.

    God placed me in someone else’s ministry for several years before He allowed me to start my own ministry. In the other ministry, I had to learn how to come under authority. That was not easy for me, because I’m a pretty strong person. I did not always agree with the decisions that were made and I did not always feel I was treated fairly, but one of the lessons God taught me is that we are not ready to be in authority until we know how to come under authority. I also learned that God will promote us at the right time if we keep a good, godly attitude during challenging times.

    You might want a pay raise or a promotion at work, yet you regularly gossip and say critical things about your boss. This is a form of rebellion, and it can hinder your progress. Have a submissive attitude and you will see more answers to prayer and hear God’s voice more clearly.

    Prayer Starter: Lord, thank You for correction, as I know we grow during those times. Help me to have a good attitude going forward.


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