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Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional January 31 2022 : Emotions Are Here to Stay

    Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional January 31 2022: 

    We all have emotions, and we always will; they are part of being human. Since that is true, I believe emotional stability should be one of the main goals of every believer. We should seek God to learn how to manage our emotions and stop them from managing us.

    I urge you to make emotional maturity a priority in your life. If you do not believe you are doing a good job of managing your emotions, begin to pray and seek God for emotional maturity. I also encourage you to learn what upsets you the most or prompts you to behave emotionally and be watchful during those situations.

    Power Thought: I have control over my emotions.

    Prayer Starter: Father, I need Your help in learning to manage my emotions, amen.


    Credit for today’s devotional by Joyce Meyer: Joyce Meyer ministries /

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