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Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional January 2 2024

    Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional January 2 2024 : The theme for Joyce Meyer daily devotional for today, January 2 2024 is ”Decide to Enjoy Your Day’‘ and it is a message highly recommended for our today’s spiritual exercise and growth.

    Kindly read and meditate on this Joyce Meyer daily devotional for Today January 2, 2024 and be filled with the blessings that comes from the word of God.

    Read Joyce Meyer New Year Message January 2 2024 ”Decide to Enjoy Your Day”

    As I’ve mentioned before, learning to manage my emotions has been one of the most important lessons I have learned in my journey with God, because it has allowed me to consistently enjoy my life. When we wait to see how we feel before we know if we can enjoy each day, we give emotions control over our lives. But thankfully, we can make decisions that are not based on feelings. If we are willing to make good choices regardless of how we feel, God will be faithful to help us do so.

    Living the good life that God offers us requires us to be obedient to His way of being and doing. He gives us the strength to follow His teachings, but we must choose to do it. God won’t choose for us. He helps us, but we must participate by choosing to obey His Word instead of simply doing whatever we feel like doing. We can’t consistently enjoy life until we are willing to do this. For example, I may feel like avoiding someone because they have hurt my feelings or treated me unfairly, but I can choose to pray for them and treat them as Jesus would while I wait for Him to do something in that situation. If I act according to my feelings, I will forfeit peace and joy. But if I choose to do what God has instructed me to do in His Word, I will have His reward and blessing in my life.

    Prayer of the Day: Help me, God, to make good choices regarding my emotions and not to allow them to control my life. I want to obey Your Word and experience Your blessings in my life.

    Today’s message

    Take the limits off God and take the limits off yourself. Who says you can’t do something great, who says you can’t start your own business, who says you can’t get well? God is calling you to be a trendsetter, a difference-maker, a barrier-breaker.

    Is your thinking limiting your life? Are you missing out, hoping for change, when God wants to show you the surpassing greatness of His favor? Don’t go into the new year with low expectations. Have a bigger vision. Get your hopes up. Prepare for God’s blessings.

    When your vision is limited, your life will be limited. It’s amazing what happens when you enlarge your vision, when you believe big, when you pray bold prayers, when you dream great dreams.

    When thoughts tell you, “It’s just going to be another average year; nothing good is in store for me.” Tell the discouragement and low expectations, “This is going to be a blessed year, a bountiful year, a productive year, a favor-filled year.”

    You have to get a new mindset. Start believing bigger, dreaming bigger, expecting bigger. You’re not limited by your circumstances, by the economy, by your boss, by how you were raised, by your past. One touch of God’s favor will catapult you ahead.

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    Credit : Joyce Meyer ministries Website and Youtube

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