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Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional For Today February 17, 2024

    Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional February 17 2024 :

    Theme : Lord, Teach Me to Pray

    Join us and enjoy this today’s daily devotional by Joyce Meyer titled ” Lord, Teach Me to Pray’‘. This is a highly inspiring and educative and it is recommended for our today’s spiritual exercise and growth.

    Read Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional February 17 2024 ”Lord, Teach Me to Pray”

    One of the most important, life-changing prayers a person can ever utter is: “Lord, teach me to pray.” It’s not simply, “Lord, teach me to pray,” but “Lord, teach me to pray.” You see, simply knowing about prayer is not enough; we have to know how to pray—to talk and listen to God—as individuals who are in an intimate, dynamic personal relationship with the God to whom we pray. Although there are principles of prayer that apply to everyone, we are individuals and God will lead each of us to pray and communicate with Him in uniquely personal ways.

    There was a time when I attended many “prayer seminars,” and then attempted to duplicate in my prayer experience what I heard others say about the way they prayed. Eventually, though, I realized God had a personalized prayer plan for me—a way for me to talk to Him and listen to Him most effectively—and I needed to find out what that was. I started by saying, “Lord, teach me to pray.” God answered me in a powerful way and brought wonderful improvements to my prayer life. If you want to enjoy a deeper, intimate, powerful relationship with God through prayer, I encourage you to say, “Lord, teach me to pray.” He’ll do it, and you’ll soon find greater freedom and effectiveness in your prayer life. God will lead you in a unique, fresh plan that works wonderfully for you.

    Prayer of the Day: Lord, teach me to pray! Guide me to a deeper, more powerful connection to you, in our quiet time, on the go, and in every situation, amen.

    Credit: Joyce Meyer Ministries

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