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Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional February 24 2022 : Your Daily Dose of Faith

    Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional February 24 2022 :


    We have the privilege of trusting God daily to meet every need that we have—faith to pay the bills, keep a good job, raise the kids, make marriage work, get along with people, and so on.

    Daily faith is vital if we are going to eliminate stress and enjoy life. Faith leaves no room for worry and it drives out fear. Learning to trust God in every situation will help you overcome worry and anxiety.

    Daily faith is filled with hopeful expectation, and it never gives up. Each new day is a new opportunity to see God do something amazing. A saying I like is: “When faith goes to the market, it always takes a basket.” Keep your basket handy because God may fill it at any moment.

    Prayer Starter: Thank you, Father, for the gift and privilege of trusting You to meet my daily needs—whatever those needs might be.


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