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Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional April 2 2022: It’s All Up to Me

    Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional April 2 2022 :


    There are few things in life more stressful than thinking, It’s all up to me! My stress level is rising just saying it. Jesus said,…Apart from Me…you can do nothing (John 15:5 AMPC). He is just waiting for us to humble ourselves and ask for His help, because when He gets involved, life gets much easier.

    We need help, and Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit, who is the Helper! He is also a gentleman and will not push His way into our lives. I encourage you to ask for the help you need and receive it, that your joy may be full (see John 16:24).

    Prayer Starter: Lord, I need Your help in everything I do. I can do nothing without You, Jesus!

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