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Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional: God Is with You (January 5 2022)

    Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional 2022 God Is with You

    No matter what your fear is, God’s Word says you are not to fear because He is with you. It is just that simple. I am sure the question comes to mind: If God is with me, why do bad things happen? God never promises us trouble-free lives, but He does promise us His presence and the strength (mental, physical, and emotional) we need to get through our troubles.

    Whatever the problem is, you can be assured it will pass, God will be with you all the way through it, and you will be stronger and know God better when it is over than before it began.

    Prayer Starter: Father, thank you for being with me at all times. I will not fear with you always by my side! In Jesus’ name, amen.

    Credit: Joyce Meyer ministries

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