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Joyce Meyer – How To Break Every Negative Cycle In Your Life – Enjoying Everyday Life

    Joyce Meyer 2022 Enjoying Everyday Life : The president of Joyce Meyer ministries, Joyce Meyer has released this educative sermon titled ”How To Break Every Negative Cycle In Your Life ”.

    In this sermon, Joyce Meyer said, you neeed to think of what you are thinkoing about does not correspond with the word of God, the Bible tells us to cast down those wrong thought and bring every thouygh captive on to the obedience of God.

    Romans 12 , says the only way we can be transformed is through renewal of our minds. Learning how to think the way God thinks.

    You can weaken yourself through your thoughts.

    Kindly watch, listen and mediate on the word of God in this message by Joyce Meyer and stay tuned with Allpastors..



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