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Pastor Joseph Prince Sermon : Two Things You Need To Remember Everyday

    Joseph Prince sermon Two Things You Need To Remember Everyday: pastor Joseph Prince tells us two vital things that we must carry with us all the days of our lives, the first is that God wants us to have a life a rest, meaning he did not design us for pointless and endless struggles, he did not make our parts such that we will always be worried and weary and restless, he said we should cast our cares on him, so that we can be free of the endless worries that comes with living in this world that is ruled by the price of darkness, he says when we are weak, he is stronger and he will give us exceptional strength to attain and tap into this gifts, we must trust in God in good and in bad times and remember that he is supreme and the is God from the beginning to the end, he allows trials come our way only to strengthen our faith in him and prepare us for the great destiny he has given us, but even during this trials he allows, he is still present with us, he never leaves us alone.

    Secondly pastor Joseph Prince teaches us that God is working for us, initially when we were under the covenant of the law of Moses, we worked for God but now we are under the covenant of Grace which came as a result of the death of his only begotten son on the cross of calvary. now God works for us, even when we are trying to do his will, he works for us and with us and through us, he works in us hence our life is a life of rest and everything that disturbs our peace and rest is not from God.


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