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Joseph Prince Sermon: The Powerful Benefit Of Praying In Tongues

    Joseph Prince Sermon The Powerful Benefit Of Praying In Tongues: God promised us something, something new. In the Old Testament, Isaiah prophesied about our day and age in Isaiah 41 about a new weapon.

    “Behold, I have made you a new, sharp threshing sledge with double edges; now these words “double edges” is from the Hebrew, which means “double mouth” or “piyphiyah”.


    What does it mean? Let’s see what is the effect of this new threshing sledge. It says that: “You will thresh the mountains, “Mountains” are huge problems. Jesus talked about mountains in Mark 11, It tells us: “Whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; It can be your sickness. It can be a condition in your body, It can be depression. Whatever it is, Jesus says that if it is a problem that looms large in front of you, speak to it!


    Jesus says: Have the faith of God, Speak to it, Say: Be thou removed, and be thou thrown into the sea; and it shall do so. It shall be removed. Do not doubt in your heart, Believe that what you say will happen and it will happen. Jesus goes on to say: “Whatever you desire when you pray, believe you receive them, and you shall have them.


    Now many of us know this teaching, we know it and we have spoken to the mountain, but what happens when you speak and it seems like the mountain is not moving? Some people will say: Just keep on speaking, Yes, we can do that But God has other weapons as well.


    Many a times, when something doesn’t seem to move, when something doesn’t seem to budge, that calls for something more and I believe this is the weapon because You will thresh the mountains and pulverize them, And will make the hills like chaff, All your problems will become like chaff. How would you like your problems, your sicknesses, and the doctor says this condition is incurable in the natural. How would you like those problems to become like chaff, which the wind drives away?


    Praying in tongues, that’s my new threshing sledge. Why pray in tongue? Because it says having double mouth so as we pray in the Spirit, we go around our mountain. you can do this the whole day (praying in tongues), Like how the children of Israel went around the walls of Jericho, you go around your problem.


    The Holy Spirit in you knows how to make perfect prayers, Pray in the Spirit!, it’s going to be instantaneous, Most of the time, you find when you pray in the Spirit, it’s not like speaking to the mountains straight away.


    But praying in tongues usually takes a protracted time. The Bible says: He that prays in an unknown tongue edifies himself, Builds himself up, When you pray in tongues, it’s your spirit praying, uttered through your vocal chords, It’s your spirit praying but the benefit is total. He that prays in an unknown tongue edifies.” “Himself”—his entire self.

    Pastor Joseph Prince teaches us that a person who prays in tongue cannot only move mountains but builds his soul, body and sprit.

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