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Joseph Prince sermon: The Key To Seeing Godly Results

    Joseph Prince sermon The Key To Seeing Godly Results: Friend, if you are lacking, if you are struggling with provision to provide for your family, you want Christ to be of effect to you. Just like Jesus was to the multitudes, that were lacking bread and fish, at the mountainside, the Bible says: Jesus took the lack, the 5 loaves and 2 small fish and He thanked the Father for it and it multiplied to feed 5000 men Including women and children, it probably fed 15,000 On that countryside, with 12 baskets full leftover.


    Christ was of effect to them, if you are struggling with depression or panic attacks, anxieties, You don’t even want to leave your house because you’re afraid to face the day.


    You’re afraid of the coming day, you’re afraid of the nighttime, you’re afraid of the, terrors of the night, Whatever fears or anxiety you may have, whether it’s a fear of losing your health, of losing your income to be able to provide for your family.


    Whatever fears you may have, you want Christ to be of effect to your mind, and the effect is “shalom.” Thou will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee.


    We all want Christ to be of effect to us, but the question is this: When Christ becomes of no effect, what is the reason? The reason given by Scripture is because: Christ is become of no effect unto you, whosoever of you are justified by the law; you are fallen from grace.


    Notice that Christ becomes of no effect to anyone who is trying to be justified by the law.


    “You are fallen from grace, Fallen” means grace is high ground for you to fall from, If you fall from, it means grace is higher than the law. When you go back to the law, the Bible says: You are actually fallen from grace, you are fallen from God’s favor. Notice that you were not trying to avoid sin and then you fall. No, it is when you are trying to keep the law to be righteous when you fall from grace.


    So maybe you’re waiting for Christ to become of effect in these areas, you find that you do not known of any known sin in your life. You’re praying as much as you can and you’ve put your trust in God.


    But perhaps, in your heart of hearts, you are trying to earn your miracle, you are trying to earn your healing, You’re trying to earn your deliverance. As such, Christ has no effect. Why? Because you are trying to be justified by the law, you see the law as a means to get through to reach Christ. In other words, you are saying: I have to keep the law before Christ becomes of effect. That mentality is what

    Causes you to fall from grace. It causes Christ to become of no effect unto you.


    Pastor Joseph Prince says it is grace because grace is the greatest holiness there is, Only grace can bring a Holy God and sinful man together.

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