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Joseph Prince – The Benjamin Generation—Five Times More Blessings!

    Joseph Prince Sermon The Benjamin Generation—Five Times More Blessings! Get ready for five times more blessings! In this sermon by Joseph Prince, he uncovers deeper spiritual truths about the Benjamin generation from the Old Testament story of Joseph and his moving reunion with his brothers. Learn the significance of Joseph favoring Benjamin—his little brother from the same mother, Rachel—and be blessed to know that being part of the Benjamin generation entitles you to five times more blessings!

    This message by Joseph Prince is designed to draw you near to Jesus, your heavenly Joseph. And being near to Jesus is where you are deeply loved, highly favored and abundantly provided for!

    We must understand that all we need is in Christ Jesus and that what Jesus cannot do or cannot provide for us does not exist.

    Watch and listen to this inspiring message by Joseph Prince titled the Benjamin generation and be blessed with the word of God herein.

    Credit for Joseph Prince Sermon the Benjamin generation : Joseph Prince Youtube

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