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Looking To Jesus—The Key To Blessings And Victory – Joseph Prince

    Joseph Prince Sermon May 1 2022 Looking To Jesus : The lead pastor of New Creation church and the husband of Wendy Prince in the person of Pastor Joseph Prince has released this wonderful and inspiring message titled ”Looking To Jesus—The Key To Blessings And Victory” . This message by Joseph Prince was delivered live in Israel.

    Be rest assured that this is a spirit lifting and educative sermon that you cannot afford to miss.

    In this sermon, the co-founder of New Creation church located in Singapore  said that when Jesus died, the veil that separated God from man in the temple was torn from top to bottom, as God tore it. It’s over when Jesus died. God tore the veil and God turned his back on his Son. He who knew no sin– Apostle Peter, a man of action said, “Jesus did no sin.” Paul, a man of intellect said, “He knew no sin.” John, a man of love said, “In him is no sin.” Became sin for us at the cross and cried out, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” He cried out loud so that
    everyone can hear. For the first time Jesus in his earthly ministry addressed his Father as “My God.” He never addresses him as, “My God.” It’s always Father. For the first time, at the cross, he says, “My God, why have you forsaken me?”

    Speaking further , Pastor Joseph Prince said  that Repentance means change of mind. Sometimes you don’t use the word “repent,” but people’s minds are changing from a God that’s against you to a God who is for you.

    Kindly listen to this sermon and learn from it and as you do so, May God bless his words in your heart.

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    Credit : Joseph Prince Ministries

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