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    JOSEPH PRINCE SERMON LEARN TO REST AND FLOW WITH GOD : Pastor Joseph prince says, it’s important for us to move with the Lord, be in sync with the Lord. Just like the analogy, Jesus used: “Take My yoke upon you, my yoke is easy” Now, the people of Israel were under the heavy and hard yoke of the law.

    Jesus is saying, “Take My yoke.”—Grace and the picture of the yoke is an older ox that is yoked to a younger ox and the younger ox will learn from the older ox. He will mature as he works with the older ox, when the older ox moves to the right, the younger ox will have to follow or else he will have a neck ache.

    Sometimes the Lord will have to force us, almost compel us to rest, We are such creatures of activity that we do not know how to rest and when you think about it, the months that we were confined at home, were actually moments of what the people of Israel experienced on a regular basis.

    Every “Shabbat”, they would spend time with their family, they would not go out. There would stay at home and they would spend time with their families. In some cases, you have people who see the worst of each other and marriages sometimes are challenged during this time. But for the most part, it’s still a time of being together.

    A time that the Lord wants us to really focus on our loved ones and our families, there is an event in the Bible that talks about a time like this, when King Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon, took the children of Israel captive and the Bible gives the reason.

    The Bible says: “So that the land may rest because of all the 7 years, every 7th year, the land was supposed to lie fallow, supposed to rest. This was for further productivity but the people of Israel, because of the love of money and because they disobeyed God in this area, they would harvest the land and they would keep on working the land.

    Just like the Dust Bowl that happened in America, many years ago, where there was like a rolling dust and farmland became destroyed. They were not able to sow, they were not able to harvest, It was a terrible time and people had to move away from their farms. Why? because they didn’t allow the land to rest. So for every 7th year that Israel did not allow the land to rest.

    God says: “I’m going to allow the land to rest,” And for every 7th year, it will be your 70 years” “in captivity in Babylon and that’s why you have the 70 years of captivity. And the Lord says: “The land will rest to fulfill her Sabbaths.”

    Why was God so concerned about the land? Don’t forget, Our soul and spirit comes from God, God breathed into Adam, the first man. and man became a living soul but his body, prior to that, before God breathed into him, was like a mannequin.

    He was lifeless, God made him from the dust of the ground, So your body is made from the dust of the ground because you are a spirit, You are not a body but you live in a body. God wants the dust to rest, God is saying to us: “You need to rest. You need to learn to rest and not just rest physically but rest, mentally, Rest in every part of your life.”

    Pastor joseph prince wants us to understand that the Christian life begins, when salvation happens, when we learn to rest in what Christ has done. You cannot be saved as long as you are trying to save yourself. Doing good works cannot save you, You must learn to rest and then you can be saved.


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