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Joseph Prince Sermon: God Is Speaking. Are You Listening?

    Joseph Prince Sermon God Is Speaking Are You Listening? : The lead pastors of New Creation church and the husband of Wendy Prince, Pastor Joseph Prince has come through with this wonderful sermon titled ”God Is Speaking. Are You Listening?”.

    In this sermon, Pastor Joseph Prince emphasized on the need to listen to the voice of God. God speaks to us always. The question is whether we listen to him or not. To live a fulfilled and organized life, it is important that we listen to God and follow his guiding steps.

    Also commenting further , Joseph Prince appreciated all those helping in one way or the other in contribiuting to theb church. In his word, he said ”THANK YOU TO ALL OUR GOSPEL PARTNERS: Because of your support, the gospel has reached over 5 million views and 150 countries through the Gospel Partner YouTube program. But it’s not just about the numbers—each view represents precious people who might otherwise have not been able to hear the gospel.”

    Kindly watch and listen to this message and as you do so, may God bless his words in your heart, teach you to listen to him and grant you all your heart desires.

    Video Credit : Joseph Prince Youtube


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