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Joseph Prince sermon Get Excited To Read The Bible Again

    Joseph Prince sermon Get Excited To Read The Bible Again: God’s Word is our inheritance, when we study God’s Word, we will discover that God has so many things in store for us and He has prepared riches, riches of His grace, The Bible talks about the riches of His glory, riches of His grace, that He has prepared for us in His Word and we need to seek out God’s Word.

    In the book of Proverbs, it says: “If you seek her as silver, dig out the gold of God’s Word, you’ll find the knowledge of the Lord, find the wisdom of God and when you get wisdom, not knowledge, People of the world can receive knowledge, They can get experience, they can read books and acquire the expertise they need for certain fields, But knowledge is not wisdom, Wisdom cometh from the Lord, For the Lord gives wisdom.

    The Bible says, out of his mouth comes knowledge and understanding, so every time we go into God’s Word, we are searching out God’s wisdom, and his Word is so alive that because His Spirit is involved, it’s not just the Word itself, but the Holy Spirit is involved.

    He brings out from the written Word, the “now” word for us, The word that we need perhaps for this week, perhaps for the next day, even for this very day, He can speak to us from the written Word and make the written Word, the living Word.

    Pastor joseph prince reminds of the story of Caleb. Caleb, the man who said: “I’m as strong this day at 85 years old as I was when Moses sent me when I was 40 years old. My strength is still the same as the day 45 years ago until now.”

    His strength has not diminished, It is undecayed, Unfailing strength, If anything, he is increasing in strength, He asked for the mountain of Hebron to be his possession at the age of 85.

    So in other words, when God tells Joshua to set out the boundaries of the territories that He has given to the children of Israel, where this tribe would inherit this portion and the other tribes would inherit that portion, every name and every city, every mountain, every stream, every valley, every name has a meaning for us today, and perhaps it is an area that we have neglected, that has caused us to suffer in that area. And perhaps it’s something that God wants to bring us to our attention because there’s yet very much land to be possessed, that’s the word today, There’s yet very much land to be possessed and God wants to give you the secrets of possessing your possessions.

    Pastor Joseph Prince tries to tell us how important it is that we read God”s written words and all the benefits that comes with it, he tell us that there’s no spoken Word from God, unless we spend time in the written Word. Therefore we are all encouraged to re find our zeal and passion for reading our bibles, which is God written word.


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