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Joseph Prince – Forgiveness Explained ( A Heaven To Gain And A Hell To Shun)

    Joseph Prince Sermon Forgiveness Explained ( A Heaven To Gain And A Hell To Shun): we have different kinds of agreements, the first agreement that God had with man was that he could eat of any tree but for one the tree of the knowledge of Good and evil and that the day he eats of it, he shall die.  in the garden there was no other rule but that, no 10 commandments none at all, as a result, of the disobedience of Adam and Eve, death became a thing, therefore all the death in the world both that of infants which we see on the news and papers came to be. God is not responsible for the death man is.

    Pastor Joseph Prince, says if we want to know how terrible sin is, we must understand that God did not spare his son, when he took our place on the cross. in order  for us to appreciate the extravagant love of God, we must understand the severity of sin, the Grace of God is a responsible strong love, a love where he sent his son to die for us because, his he is a god of justice also, he is in  a God of love and justice. Because God is Justice the world is still together.

    God is a God of his word and when he says a soul that sins must die, he has to keep, he cannot go back on his words, thats what makes him a God of justice, God is love also, he does not want to punish us or our children or family either hence in his wisdom, he sent his son and on the cross Jesus christ fulfilled God’s Justice, he who knew no sin, he who had no sin became sin on the cross and died for us hence liberating us from sin and its power over us.



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