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Joseph Prince sermon : Finding Your True Calling

    Joseph Prince sermon Finding Your True Calling : 

    Watch Joseph Prince Sermon ”Finding your true calling” which is an excerpt is from the sermon, Rest for Your Soul in Restless Times, preached on Jul 31, 2022.

    The lead pastor of New Creation church and the husband of Wendy Prince, Pastor Joseph Prince has come through with this wonderful and inspiring sermon titled ”finding your true calling” and it is a sermon you would love to listen to.

    The importance of finding and following your true calling can never be over-emphasized.

    Speaking on this sermon, Pastor Joseph Prince said, Have you lost your sense of purpose? Are you unsure of what God is really calling you to? Know that when God calls you to something, He will equip you for it!

    Psalm 57:2 says, “I cry out to God Most High, to God who fulfills his purpose for me.” This is key in understanding God’s purpose for your life. God has numbered your days and will fulfill every purpose He has for you.

    Kindly watch and learn from this sermon by Joseph Prince and as you do so, may God bless his words in your heart and help you to find your purpose.

    Video Credit: Joseph Prince Youtube

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