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Joseph Prince sermon: Eat Your Way To Life And Health Book

    Joseph Prince sermon Eat Your Way To Life And Health Book: The Bible tells us that Jesus went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil can you see that, his heart is always to heal in fact he has designed a special way for you to receive his healing, health and wholeness.

    Today he has prepared a meal by which you can literally eat your way to life and health; pastor Joseph prince is talking about the Holy Communion.

    It is possible that we can experience divine health, no matter your age your medical history or your genetic makeup, you might be asking how is that possible, pastor Joseph Prince shares with us that it is possible through the Holy Communion.

    He said ever since he started Preaching strongly on the communion about 20 years ago, people from all over the world have written to him, to share their healing testimonies, some have said that they were healed of incurable, diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s, they were also those heal of severe anxiety attacks, deep depression and sleep disorders.

    He prays for you and believes with us that we will experience the Lord’s healing and restoration more and more.

    Pastor Joseph Prince‘s brand-new book eat your way to life and health is now available, it teaches us of the nourishment that the communion can produce.

    Credit: Joseph Prince Youtube

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