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Joseph Prince Sermon: Can’t Focus God’s Answer To Beat Distraction

    Joseph Prince Sermon Can’t Focus God’s Answer To Beat Distraction: “Musing” is opposite from “amusement.” today, everyone is looking to amuse themselves, they turn on their television because they want to be amused.

    They are engaged in social media because there is a constant craving to be amused, it is a society, the current world is a society that is running for amusement, and it’s like, they want a dopamine release, dopamine chemicals are those chemicals that make you feel good, and every time you win a game, you feel good and now there’s a dopamine craze.

    Everyone wants to be entertained, they want to be entertained, now the scientists are telling us in fact, there’s a word and a lot of people are suffering from this now. They are telling us about this word “Anhedonia.”

    “Hedonia” means, “pleasure.” “Anhedonia” is a condition where people cannot experience pleasure anymore, an inability to experience pleasure. Why?

    More and more studies show that, the more you indulge in this dopamine, the more you indulge in this release of feel-good chemicals, the more you look forward to be entertained, to amuse yourself, you can come to a place of Anhedonia,

    Anhedonia is the inability to experience pleasure and that’s why god’s word tells us that at times, you need to exercise self-control. Some things are good, like eating, a lot of things in life are good, the smartphone is good, but you know, it’s something else when you are addicted to it.

    If you’re addicted to eating, you’re addicted to social media. That’s when you have an addiction to hedonism, which is pleasure. Anhedonia with an “a” in front always negates the pleasure, which means the lack of pleasure, the inability to experience pleasure.

    God says when you abstain at the right time; the pleasure is going to be great. So God says even for food, if you’re eating all the time and never fasting, if you never have a lifestyle that is fasted or controlling your eating, you cannot enjoy food all the time, if you are pursuing after the pleasures of eating.

    But the word of God tells us, clearly that: today we have lost that art of musing., while i was musing, while i was musing over” the truth of god’s word, the fire burned.” then i spoke with my tongue.” that’s when there’s power in your words.

    We have forgotten this art of silent contemplation, or just muttering to ourselves, when you’re muttering, you’re not muttering to someone. They can’t hear you, they will say: “speak up! Right?

    Instead of musing, we are amusing ourselves. We have an “a” in front in the English word. That “a” in front of “muse” negates the “musing”, i thought it’s very interesting

    The word “amuse”, comes from the word “muse” actually, which is “meditate, or contemplate and amuse means there’s no time for contemplation because somebody else is thinking for you, somebody else is entertaining you, somebody else is being Creative for you.

    Some things you give up now, but you enjoy greatly later, everything the devil does is to distract us, especially from god’s word and there are a lot of even legitimate things to distract us today.

    Pastor Joseph prince wants us to be alert of the distractions the devil has set in place to distract us from the word of God and his kingdom, we are advised to check ourselves and see if we have become addicted to anything at all and seek Gods face to help us out of it.

    Credit: Joseph Prince Youtube

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