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Pastor Joseph Prince: Answers For A Busy And Hurried Life (Full Sermon)

    Joseph Prince sermon Answers For Busy And Hurried Life : Here comes another wonderful and life changing sermon from Joseph Prince Ministries by Pastor Joseph titled: “Answers For A Busy And Hurried Life” and this is the full  sermon made possible by Gospel Partner.

    In this Gospel Partner episode, you will find practical solutions to the frantic pace of modern living and its painful side effects of worry, anxiety, and stress-related issues. Gospel Partner is an initiative to get the gospel of grace out to as many people as possible.

    You are watching the sermon, Answers For A Hurried Life, preached on Sep 5, 2021 by Joseph Prince

    As a child of God, he reminded you that you are not just a physical creature. Joseph Prince said that God has ordained you when you are born again that you live by your Spirit, that you walk in the Spirit. Therefore, as you behold things in the Spirit, you know you can see things that is not visible in the natural. The Bible says that things that are visible in the natural, they are temporal but the things which are not seen, they are eternal.

    Watch and learn from this sermon by Pastor Joseph Prince: “Answers For A Busy And Hurried Life (Full Sermon)” and stay tuned as we bring the latest messages from Pastors around the globe to you.

    Credit: Joseph Prince Ministries

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