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Make Jesus The Center Of Your Life | Joseph Prince Sermon 7 September 2021

    Joseph Prince Sermon 7 September 2021  Make Jesus The Center Of Your Life – In this Sermon by Pastor Joseph Prince, the famous preacher tries to enlighten all listeners and Christians worldwide on the importance of making Jesus priority in our life. The acknowledgement of the fact that Jesus is our personal Lord and savior and that with him all things are possible is the fulcrum and shortest route to easy, blessed and favored life.

    Making Jesus the center of our life simply means looking up to him, trusting in him, seeing him as as the truth and life, understanding that we can do all things through him, seeing ourselves in his light and making him the alpha and omega in all our life endeavors.

    The bible tell us that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, no one gets to his father except through him. This statement alone tells us that the only assured route to God is Jesus. Jesus said,  I am the tree and you are the branches, cut of from me and you can do nothing. This simply means that we are not just attached to Jesus but we are part of him and at any time we cut ourselves off him, we find it extremely difficult if not impossible to do anything.

    We encounter difficulties in life just because we try doing things on our own and also because of lack of trust , confidence and faith in Jesus.

    In this Joseph Prince sermon for today Tuesday 7 September 2021, he emphasized on the the need to make Jesus the center of our life, the need to acknowledge our being part of him and our inability to live without him.

    Are you at any time feeling that anything is impossible? Are you feeling like achieving anything will cost you something?  Brethren, all you desire in life is absolutely possible and easy if only you can maintain your position as part of Jesus our savior. This entails being in good terms with him, refreshing yourself every day with his words and praying ceaselessly with absolute faith.


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