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Joseph Prince Sermon 2021 – Live Stress

    Joseph Prince Sermon 2021 Live Stress : One of the blessings that Jesus has given us is that we can come to him at any time and he will give us rest. When life seems to be to tough, when we are restless, we are advised to come to God, for he moves in the rhythm of grace.

    Keep in mind that no one is busier than Jesus, just like we see in the gospel chapters (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John), yet he was always so calm. He accomplished in 3 years what will take people and entire lifetime.

    In our day today activities we are almost always tensioned and worried, there is barely ever a time that we are completely at rest, Jesus is asking us to come with our burdens and receive rest.

    We cannot do it by ourselves; we cannot will ourselves to be at peace. God designed us to live life in the speed of the Carmel and tortoise, because they live long lives, we are meant to learn from these ways of this animals.

    Bible verse for this teaching

    Isaiah 30 vs. 15



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