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Joseph Prince – Forgiven Righteously Through Jesus Our Mercy Seat

    Joseph Prince sermon 2021  Forgiven Righteously Through Jesus Our Mercy Seat : God loves us all and does not want us to be condemned on the day of judgement so send his son our lord Jesus Christ to die on our behalf.

    God knew that every sin committed by man must be punished, so at the cross, God took our sins and laid it on Jesus Christ his only begotten son.

    On the cross, Jesus said it is finished and every judgement of God fell on Jesus, the curse, the diseases, the condemnation, the separation from God the Father and all the darkness fell on God the son. This  was done all for our sake and Jesus said it is finished.

    Our sins did not go unpunished, God the Father punished Jesus for our sins. Pastor Joseph Prince teaches us that there is no reason to be afraid of the judgement because we have been justified by the blood of Jesus and whenever we step into the light of God as believers, all that will be seen is the value of Jesus’s blood, which is the perfection of Jesus work.

    We should not be afraid to step into God’s light because Jesus has made us righteous. God cannot clear sins, he has to punish them, so never tell your friends that God do not punish our sins, or do not define the grace of God as freedom from punishment when we sin, it is wrong because God did punish our sins in Jesus’s body and that is his love being shown to us in its purest form.



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