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PASTOR JOSEPH PRINCE NET WORTH : The amazing sources of Joseph Prince’s income you do not know

    PASTOR JOSEPH PRINCE NET WORTH : Xenonamandar Jegahusiee Singh popularly known as Joseph prince is a preacher and one of the founders of New Creation Church and also a talented author, he was born on the 15 May 1963 to a Chinese mother and an Indian father. He is married to Wendy Prince and together they have two children called Justin Prince and Jessica Prince. He adopted the name Joseph Prince while serving as an IT consultant, just before being appointed senior pastor in 1990.




    As of January 2022, Joseph prince net worth is approximately $6Million (six million US dollars). He was the 10th richest pastor in the world according to Forbes 2021. He has numerous sources of earning. Asides the fact that he is a preacher and author he is also a great public speaker, so he is engaged constantly for public speaking, which also pays him well.

    Joseph prince gathered a huge part of his money from his salary at the church, it was rumored that he was paid $550,000 yearly when he became senior pastor but this rumor had no proof. It was also reported that Joseph prince voluntarily stopped collecting salary from the church.

    Joseph prince has some best selling books which has greatly contributed to his wealth, its no doubt that he is a talented writer, all who have heard him speak will come to this same conclusion. Some of his published books are: Health And Wholeness Through The Holy Communion, Destined To Reign, The Power Of Right Believing, Unmerited Favor And Live The Let Go Live. He also hosts a TV program called Destined To Reign.

    Joseph prince when he speaks always moves his congregation, he brings about inspiration, and therefore it is little or no wonder that he is wanted for public engagements involving speaking, this has added a great deal to the net worth of Pastor Joseph Prince.

    Joseph prince is a wealthy pastor who lives an average life, he does not show of his wealth a lot unlike some other pastors, he is worthy mentor to a lot of people.

    Please note that net worth is the total of a person’s , company’s or corporation’s assets minus its liability .


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