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Message by Joseph Prince: Greater Shalom And Security (Part 1)

    Joseph Prince message Greater Shalom And Security : The founder of Joseph Prince Ministries / New Creation Church and the husband of Wendy Prince, Pastor Joseph Prince  shares this message released on March 8 2022 titled: “Greater Shalom And Security” and this is the Part 1 of this message. Herein you will discover God’s way to divine life & health.

    He said that for God to create the worlds, he only had to speak, but for him to forgive us, he had to bleed. Jesus came and died for our sins on the cross. That’s the price of our forgiveness. To the extent you see Jesus, to that extent you are able to receive from him. Joseph Prince said he endeavors to really unveil Christ with every sermon, that we will see Jesus the way
    the Holy Spirit wants us to see Him. The Holy Spirit is also the only one who can help us see him that way. God wants you to have a vision that’s painted by the Holy Spirit of Jesus as He is.

    We are living in exciting times. The days ahead of us for the believer are days of hope and days that are full of the
    blessings of God. So with a positive expectation, we can look forward for good in our future. The Bible says clearly,
    Proverbs 4, it tells us that “the path of the righteous is like the shining sun, That shines ever brighter unto the perfect day.” Now, if you are the righteousness of God in Christ, then your path ahead of you can only shine brighter and brighter
    unto the perfect day. The perfect day, of course, is the day when we see Jesus face to face. That’s the end of all the
    sickness, all the depression, all the negatives of life. No more, the Bible says, will we ever experience all that, forever.

    Watch and learn from this message by Joseph Prince: “Greater Shalom And Security (Part 1)” as we bring the latest messages from Pastor Joseph Prince to you.

    Credit: Joseph Prince Ministries

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