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All you need to know about Jonathan Stockstill of Bethany World Prayer Center

    Jonathan Stockstill Biography

    Jonathan Stockstill is the senior pastor of Bethany Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Since 2011, he has opened five new church campuses across Louisiana, started Bethany College, and partnered with the Surge Project to plant 3,400 new churches around the globe.

    Jonathan’s ministry began in the world of music, where he wrote over one hundred published songs, recorded eleven albums, and traveled the world, leading congregations and conferences in worship. He is married to Angie Stockstill, and they have four children. In his free time he loves to sail, RV, fish, and travel to new places with his family. (

    Jonathan Stockstill of Bethany World Prayer Center

    The Worship Leader of Bethany Worship Centre in the person of Jonathan Stockstill is a man that is known universally and have contributed immensely in diverse ways in the Lord’s Vineyard.

    Jonathan Stockstill Age , Date of Birth and Birthday.

    Jonathan Stockstill the acclaimed worship head of Bethany World Prayer Centre, Baton, Rouge La, was born in 1981. Unfortunately , no information as to Jonathan Stockstill exact date of birth and birthday. However being born in 1981, Jonathan Stockstill age as of 2021 is 41 years old

    He started singing at the age of 4 and was trained in the area of classical and Jazz piano.

    Jonathan Stockstill parents

    Jonathan Stockstill is the son of Larry Stockstill, and who is the incumbent Pastor of Bethany World Prayer Centre, Baton. It is imperative to mention, that Bethany World Prayer Centre is the brainchild of Bethany world Prayer Centre and which Jonathan Stock-still has always been at Bethany World Prayer Centre all through his life.

    It is imperative to mention, that based on Jonathan Stockstill’s background, in which the father and grand-father have been at the helm of affairs of Bethany World Prayer Centre, it is germane to state that it is expected of him to out-perform his Father and Grand-Father in the Ministry, being third-generation Clergy man of Baker, Bethany World Prayer Church, Louisiana.

    Also, one spectacular thing about Jonathan Stock-still is that he took the mantle of leadership of Bethany World Prayer Church, at a very early stage of thirty and of which there was not imbued in him, the dexterity and finesse in preaching, of which he got through grace. Also there was no preparedness as to the impending task of taking the mantle of leadership of Bethany World Prayer Church, Louisiana.

    However, Jonathan Stockstill didn’t rely on the background of his family nor the pastoral genes he has to spearhead the affairs of the church, but he saw the handling of mantle of leadership of Bethany Congregant as something that is ordained by God.

    Also, due to the paucity of any vestige of experience on the pulpit as regards to preaching of the sermon, which could have been a stumbling block to Jonathan Stock-still, the congregants are Bethany were used to seeing him lead in ministrations, which equally aided him.

    Jonathan Stockstill believe that his generation will ignite the return of Jesus and on which premise, he prepares young worshippers by training and equipping them to be worship leaders.

    Jonathan Stockstill Wife

    Jonathan Stockstill married Angie Stockstill in February 2005, and Angie have been so invaluable in administering the Bethany World Prayer Church.

    Nevertheless, it is pertinent to mention, that Jonathan Stockstill started studying music at a very tender age of four and at the age of sixteen, he led worship. Jonathan Stockstill has written either solely or with another over seventy songs and is quite adept at piano and guitar.

    It is apposite to mention, that to Jonathan Stockstill, the preaching of the gospel, could not have been his thing, other than ministering but due to regular communication, he was able to preach effectively.

    According to Jonathan Stockstill, he opined that shepherding Christ’s church is his heavenly call and that he has not pastored even a small church before, but that here he is pastoring a congregation like that of Bethany World Prayer centre and that he can pride himself as a quick learner.

    It is imperative to mention that Bethany Church has one of the highest congregation in the United States. The aforementioned is premised on the fact that Bethany Church has estimated congregants of seven thousand that attends church on regular Sundays, which can be up to eleven thousand on Easter Sunday. Also, Jonathan Stockstill is adjudged as one of the youngest Pastors of the United States of America Mega Churches.

    The hand-over of Bethany Church from the Father of Jonathan Stock-still in the person of Larry Stockstill to him, was without rigours, even with the presence of three campuses of the church in South Louisiana and the aforementioned fact is premised on the readiness of Jonathan Stock-still and the congregants of Bethany.

    Nevertheless, the father of Jonathan Stock-still, Larry Stockstill was a missionary in Africa for two years, before proceeding to take over the helm of affairs of Bethany Church and coincidentally, Larry Stockstill was also thirty, the same age bracket with his son Jonathan Stock-still. When he took the mantle leadership of Bethany Church.

    Larry Stock-still is also an author and televangelist.  He has predilection in church planting and undergoing missions for Christ. However, after handing over to his son, it was expected of him to rest, but he still contributes immensely to the growth of Bethany Church.

    It is worthy of mention, that Jonathan Stock-still had no fear handing over Bethany Church to his son, three years ago after been at the helm of affairs of the church for twenty-eight years.

    Also, the overseers of Bethany Church were unanimous for Jonathan Stock-still to take over the mantle of leadership of Bethany Church from the father.

    Finally, Jonathan Stockstill is of the opinion that he is doing well at the pulpit, but his root, which is worship primarily is still intact.

    Jonathan Stockstill net worth

    Information relating to Jonathan Stockstill  net worth and salary are currently not available. we are however still scouting on that and will have the necessary information regarding how much Jonathan Stockstill earns and how much Jonathan Stockstill is worth, updated.

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