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Jonathan Lamb: Biography, Age, Career, Family, Career, Net worth

    Jonathan Lamb is  the son of the famous American televangelist, prosperity theologian, minister, Christian broadcaster, and anti-vaccine advocate, Marcus Lamb and his wife Joni Lamb. He is Executive Director of Daystar Television Network, Dallas Texas aand a renowned public speaker.


    Jonathan  is the son of the American preacher and Evangelist, Marcus Lamb and Joni Lamb.

    He serves as the Executive Director of Operations at Daystar Television Network based in Dallas Texas, founded by his parents.

    Jonathan Lamb’s father, Pastor Marcus Daron Lamb died 30 November 2021 in  Bedford, Texas, United States as a result of Covid 19 complications.

    Jonathan Lamb grew up working with his parents along side other members of his family in the TV Network, hence being able to take over from his parents later on.

    Marcus and Joni lamb’s son, Jonathan is married to Suzanna Saga now known as Suzy Lamb and has 2 children, Israel and Arielle.


    The exact date of birth and age of Jonathan Lamb is unknown. However, he was born on the 19th of October and he marks his birthday on the same 19th day of October every year.
    Jonathan Lamb’s father died in 2021. In June 2022, Jonathan in remembering the father on a father’s day, took to instagram to write:
    Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I’m so incredibly thankful for the 35+ years I had with you here on Earth as you were the best father a son could ask for. Looking forward to the ♾ years we’ll have together in heaven. ❤️ 
    Note : If as at the year 2021 when Jonathan’s father died, Jonathan was 35 years old, it simply means that in 2022, Jonathan Lamb is 36 years old. It can therefore be concluded that Jonathan Lamb was born on the 19th October 1986, making him 36 years old (2022)


    Jonathan was born to the famous American preacher Marcus lamb (father) and his lovely wife Joni Trammel lamb (mother).  Jonathan’s father Marcus Lamb founded the Daystar Television Network Dallas Texas with his wife Joni Lamb.

    Jonathan Lamb mother Joni Lamb
    Jonathan Lamb and his mother Joni Lamb


    Marcus Lamb died from COVID-19 complications on November 30, 2021, in Bedford, Texas, during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Texas.

    Celebrating his father on the 2022 father’s day, Jonathan took to instagram to share :


    Jonathan has two grown sisters, named Rachel and Rebecca . Rachel who is 32 years old is happily married to Joshua Brown, with whom she has a 2-year old son called Judah Brave brown (born in August 2020).

     Rebecca Lamb  was born on March 1992, making her 30 years old (2022). She is married to  Jonathan Weiss with whom she has a  3 year-old son called Asher Samuel.

    Jonathan Lamb’s sister, Rachel and Rebecca are very active in the Daystar Television program.


    Jonathan graduated from Oral Roberts University with a degree in Business and Administration. He also has a minor in mass communication. Jonathan has combined all his educational qualification and knowledge in the proper and efficient management of the Daystar Television Network Dallas  Texas as the Executive Director.


    Marcus  Lamb’s son, Jonathan Lamb is married to  Suzanna Sagar, now known as Suzy Lamb. Jonathan Lamb’s wife Suzy was born on the 27th day of October.

    Celebrating the wife’s birthday on the 27 October 2022, Jonathan took to instagram to share:

    The couple got married in 2011 and thus have been married for 11 years. Suzy Lamb is  an indigene of Mumbai, in India.  She works together with her husband as an executive producer and a television host.  She is also a graduate of business.  Suzy Lamb also studied worship at Christ for all Nation at Dallas Baptist university.

    Jonathan Lamb wife Suzy Lamb
    Jonathan Lamb and his wife Suzy Lamb.



    The marriage between Jonathan and his wife Suzy Lamb is blessed with two lovely children named; Israel Lamb (Son) and Arielle Lamb (daughter).

    Jonathan Lamb Children Israel Lamb and Arielle Lamb
    Jonathan Lamb Children Israel Lamb and Arielle Lamb.


    Jonathan Lamb family


    Jonathan works in Daystar  Television Network, Dallas Texas as an Executive Director. With his position as the executive Director, he practically runs the place. The christian television network ”Daystar, is the second largest christian network. It was founded by Marcus Lamb, Jonathan’s father.


    Jonathan and his wife run a TV Show called ”The Green Room with Jonathan and Suzy Lamb”. The show is shown on Daystar and has millions of viewers all around the world.


    Information relating to the exact net worth of Jonathan is currently not available. , Suffice to however state that he has numerous sources of income, which include but not limited to his income from the TV Show with the Wife known as ”the Green Room” which has millions of viewers around the world,   his salary as the Executive Director of operations in Daystar TV Network as well as his earnings from  public speaking engagements, etc.


    Jonathan lamb enjoys sports, he is a huge fan of golf and he enjoys playing it too, that was one of the things he enjoyed doing with his father before his father died.
    Jonathan Lamb enjoys travelling especially with his family. 


    Jonathan Lamb stated that his favorite bible passage during stressful and trying times is Philippians 4:13 it says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.
    Jonathan Lamb stated that His favorite lunch place is hibachi
    When Jonathan Lamb was asked which super power he would love to have in his work place, he said the ability to be in two places at a time.
    Jonathan Lamb said when he is stressed out; he turns to sports or hits the gym to clear his mind.
    Jonathan Lamb said his dream vacation would be to visit Asia and Singapore and China and Japan; they are all a part of his bucket list.


    Frequently asked questions about Jonathan Lamb

    When does Jonathan Lamb celebrate his birthday?  October 19

    How old is Jonathan Lamb? The exact age of jonathan Lamb is unknown. However, he was born on the 19th day of October and he is in his late 30s

    Who are Jonathan Lamb parents? Pastor Marcus Lamb(father) and Joni Lamb (Mother)

    Is Jonathan Lamb an only child? No

    Who are Jonathan Lamb siblings?  Jonathan has two grown sisters named; Rachel and Rebecca.

    Where did Jonathan Lamb study? Oral Robert University

    Who is Jonathan Lamb married to? Suzanna Sagar (Suzy Lamb)

    How many children does Jonathan Lamb have? Two Children named Israel Lamb (son) and Arielle Lamb (daughter)

    What is there to know about Jonathan Lamb  career? Aside bing a public speaker, Jonathan’s basically serves as the Executive Director of Daystar TV Network located in Dallas Texas.

    Jonathan Lamb father Marcus Lamb’s death.

    Jonathan’s father, Marcus Lamb is the founder of DayStar TV Network being managed today by his son Jonathan. He founded the Daystar TV Network in 1997.

    Marcus Lamb who is an American preacher, author and ebvangelist was a known anti vacine advocate. He died at the age of 64, on the 30th day of November 2021 after being hospitalized with Covid-19.


    Twitter: @j_lamb

    Instagram: @jonathan.lamb

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