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Rabbi Jonathan Cahn : Everything you need to know about Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn Biography :

    Jonathan David Cahn  is an American Messianic Jewish minister, author, and novelist known for his debut novel ”The Harbinger” and his prophetic claims about former U.S. President Donald Trump. He is the founder and leader of the Beth Israel Worship Center in Wayne, New Jersey

    Rabbi Cahn is a devoted Messianic Christian pastor of Beth Israel Worship Center.



    Jonathan Cahn was born on 22nd December , 1959 to a Jewish family as the son of a Holocaust Refugee and who was a frequent attendee of synagogue. Accordingly, as of 2021 Jonathan Cahn is 62 years old. Jonathan Cahn birthday comes up on the 22nd day of December every year.


    Rabbi Cahn  is married to Reneta Armengol.

    Prior to his meeting and consequent marriage to Reneta Armengol, Cahn initially had in mind that  he wasn’t going to be married because God evidently wanted him to be single for the rest of his life. However, he eventually met a woman called Renata Armingol and was totally convinced that is a woman to call his wife.

    Armingol has always supported his works and has always been with him throughout his trips and tours.



    Jonathan Cahn  was born in New York State, and  raised in a Jewish family.  He attended the synagogue frequently.  at the age of  20, after his  near-death experience, he converted to Christianity.  He attended SUNY Purchase and studied history.


    Jonathan Cahn  became extremely committed and devoted in his Christian life and consequent upon this , in 1989, he  started “Hope of the World Ministries” (HOW), an outreach of the Gospel and compassion projects for the needy.

    Currently, Jonathan Chan is the leader of the Hope of World Ministry and also a preaches on radio, internet and television. He is also a publisher of Sapphires Magazine.

    it should be that he steers the affairs of Beth Israel Worship Centre, that is in Garfield New Jersey and which was in 2008, relocated to Wayne, New Jersey. The everyday service of Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s Beth Israel Worship revolves around ‘Jesus as Saviour’ and  the relocation of Beth Israel Worship Centre was perceived as danger and threat by the Judaism local leaders.

    Jonathan Cahn  New Book

    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn is one of the best selling authors , He has authored a whole lot of great, inspiring and educative books including the  New York best-selling, ‘Harbinger’.

    Harbinger written by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn compared the 11th September attack of the World trade center in the United States to the ancient attack of Israel and which the aforementioned attack destroyed the kingdom of Israel. Harbinger raised myriads of eye brows because of its in-depth meaning.

    Aside Harbinger, there are other wonderful books written by Rabbi Cahn which include but not limited to The Book of Mysteries, The Mystery of Shemitah and The Paradigm.  The Paradigm was launched as the 5th on the New York Times best-seller list.

    In 2019, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn published another talk of the town book  titled  ”The Oracle: Jubilean Mysteries Unveiled”. He equally published The Harbinger II: The Return recently.

    The Rabbi’s Thought On Donald Trump

    In 2019, The New York Times asserted that Rabbi Jonathan is of the firm believe that the election of the United States of America President, Donald Trump, was written in the bible. He asserted as reported by The New York Times, that President Donald Trump can be compared to the biblical King Jehu .  Rabbi Jonathan Cahn made this  assertion in his book, The Paradigm: The Ancient Blueprint That Holds the Mystery of Our times.

    Jonathan Cahn opined that the United States of America has prior to the election of President Trump derailed from the path of light, when they affirmed sinful practices such as: affirmation of gay rights, abortion, and the decadence of the role of the public in religious affairs. Due to Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s high level of  influence as a result of his impartation to the world, he was labelled after some great men of God, like Keith Greene, who is prided to have impacted the world for the last forty years and is among the top most forty spiritual leaders and also Billy Graham a well -known man of God.

    To know more about Rabbi Jonathan Cahn who is also known as the ‘The Prophetic Voice of this Generation’ visit his official website is

    Summary of the notable things about the famous preacher Rabbi Jonathan Cahn 
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn date of birth and age: He was born in 1959
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn : He is the founder and leader of the Beth Israel Worship Center in Wayne, New Jersey.
    He was raised in a Jewish family. He is the son of a Holocaust refugee.
    He converted to Christianity at the age of 20 after a terrible near death experience.
    In 1989, Cahn started “Hope of the World Ministries” (HOW) aimed towards the spread of the Gospel and assistance to the needy.

    Jonathan Cahn Net Worth : $ 1.3 Million

    Jonathan net worth currently is approximately $1.3 Million

    Jonathan Cahn ‘s Salary / Income:

    Per Year: $ 4,00,000

    Per Month: $ 32,000

    Per Week: $ 8,000

    Jonathan Cahn bio

    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn birth sign : Capricorn
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn height is yet to be revealed but it is worthy of note that he is of average height.
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn wife : Reneta Armengol
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn net worth: His net worth is estimated to 50 million Dollars. Ministering  and writing remain his sources of income.
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