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John MacArthur: Everything you need to know about John MacArthur

    PASTOR JOHN MACARTHUR BIOGRAPHY : John MacArthur fully known as John Fullerton MacArthur Jr. is an American pastor and author known for his internationally syndicated Christian teaching radio and television program Grace to You.

    John Fullerton MacArthur Jr. was born to his parents Jack MacArthur and Irene Dockendorf on 19th June 1939, which makes him 82 years (2021), in Calgary, Alberta in the United States Of America.

    He is an author, a public speaker, a radios shoe host and a pastor. He is also a husband, father, grand father and great grand father.

    He has been the pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, since February 9, 1969.

    John Macarthur Picture


    The senior pastor of Grace community church in the person of John MacArthur was born on the 19th day of June 1939. Accordingly as at the time of writing this article , Pastor John MacArthur is 82 years old. Pastor MacArthur celebrates his birthday on the 19th day of June every year and it is always a special time with his family and friends.



    • John .F. MacArthur got his Bachelor’s of Arts from Los Angeles Pacific College
    • He also got honors Masters of Divinity from Talbot Theological Seminary (Biola University), La Mirada, California (1963).



    John MacArthur  is the senior pastor of the  Grace Community Church . Grace Community Church is a non-denominational, evangelical megachurch founded by Don Householder,  located in Sun Valley, a neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, California.

    Worthy to note is that Don Householder who is the founder of Grace Community Church died in 1965.

    The church was founded as Grace Community Church of the Valley as a mission of First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood. The congregation held its first public service on July 1, 1956, calling Don Householder to be its founding pastor. Within a few years, the church had moved to its present location on Roscoe Boulevard and the decision was made to hold two Sunday morning services to accommodate the growing congregation.

    Consequent upon Don Householder’s death in 1965, Richard Elvee assumed the position of the lead pastor of Grace Community church  and the church continued to grow under his leadership until his death in 1968.

    In February 1969, John F. MacArthur assumed the pastorate. During the early days of MacArthur’s ministry the church doubled in size every two years which led to the building of the Family Life Center in 1971 and a new Worship Center in 1977.


    Pastor John MacArthur is happily married to Patricia MacArthur. They tied the Knot in 1963. Their marriage is blessed with four children namely Mark MacArthur, Marcy MacArthur, Melinda MacArthur and matt MacArthur. John and Patricia MacArthur also have 15 grand children and two great grand sons.

    John MacArthur wife Patricia MacArthur


    Pastor John MacArthur’s marriage with his wife Patricia MacArthur is blessed with 4 children namely; Mark MacArthur, Marcy MacArthur, Melinda MacArthur and matt MacArthur. Additionally , the couple have 15 grand children and 2 great grand children.

    Pastor John MacArthur family

    John Macarthur was born to the family of Jack MacArthur (father) and Irene MacArthur (mother). He has two siblings namely  Jeanette F.MacArthur


    Pastor John MacArthur is worth about 14 million dollars (2021).  He has made such an amount of money from the sales of his books, his church salary and many other speaking engagements.  He also makes money from his radio show, the international syndicated Christian teaching radio show. He owns three homes, all worth 2 million dollars.

    John MacArthur salary : Annually, he earns about $160,000, from his services. He also earns from being the president of Master’s University and Seminary.

    John Macarthur net worth is a product of grace, his effort and commitment 



    John MacArthur is a bestselling author who has written a lot of life changing and inspiring books. The sale of his books has generated him a lot of income .

    Among the top books of John MacArthur includes ;

    1. Anxious for nothing
    2. Slave: the hidden truth about your identity in Christ
    3. Because the time is near
    4. One perfect life
    5. Parables: the mystery of God’s kingdom revealed through the stories Jesus told
    6. Counseling
    7. The gospel according to Paul
    8. The book on leadership
    9. Saved without a doubt
    10. Battle for the beginning



    John MacArthur has really touched the lives of millions worldwide through his sermons, devotionals, bible teachings and lifestyle generally .

    Among the top inspiring sermons by John MacArthur includes;

    1. The unparalleled humility of Jesus
    2. The mystery of Christian unity
    3. Do this in remembrance
    4. Killing the sin in your life
    5. Defeating discontentment
    6. Reserved for fire
    7. Gods demand for discernment
    8. Homosexuality and the campaign for immorality
    9. The pain and peril of pragmatism
    10. Hearing from heaven



    1. “If you are ever to know power and passion in your prayer life, you need to pray with a devout heart-with a pure motive seeking only the glory of God. You also need to pray with a humble heart seeking only the attention of God, not men. Finally, you need to pray with a confident heart knowing full well that God already knows what you need.”
    2. “A true Christian does not see God’s promise of forgiveness as a license to sin, a way to abuse His love and presume on His grace. Rather, he sees God’s gracious forgiveness as the means to spiritual growth and sanctification. He continua
    3. “The Lord accomplishes great things through weak people…What is required of His people is an obedient spirit, not a roster of tremendous gifts and abilities.”
    4. “When believers have a low view of God, everything focuses on meeting felt needs within the body of Christ. When the church adopts such a perspective, it often offers people nothing more than spiritual placebos. It centers on psychology, self-esteem, entertainment, and a myriad of other diversions to attempt to meet perceived and felt needs.”
    5. “Contrary to popular opinion, the most important characteristic of a godly mother is not her relationship with her children. It is her love for her husband. The love between husband and wife is the real key to a thriving family. A healthy home environment cannot be built exclusively on the parents’ love for their children. The properly situated family has marriage at the center; families shouldn’t revolve around the children.”
    6. “Prayer is not an attempt to get God to agree with you or provide for your selfish desires, but that it is both an affirmation of His sovereignty, righteousness, and majesty and an exercise to conform your desires and purposes to His will and Glory”
    7. “Once I was free in the shackles of sin: Free to be tempted, just bound to give in; Free to be captive to any desire; Free to eternally burn in hell’s fire. ‘Til Someone bought me and called me His slave: Bound by commands I am free to obey; Captive by beauty I’m free to adore–Sentenced to sit at His feet evermore.”
    8. “But the language of slavery does more than merely picture the gospel. In fact, it is central to the message of salvation. That is because the slavery metaphor points to the reality of Christ’s lordship, and the lordship of Christ is essential to the biblical gospel.”
    9. “Because ours is such a free and prosperous society, it is easier for Christians to feel secure by presuming on instead of depending on God’s grace. To many believers become satisfied with physical blessings and have little desire for spiritual blessings.”
    10. “Scripture does what psychoanalysis can’t do-it pierces the heart, penetrates deep into the soul and judges the motives. To see yourself in the light of Scripture, is to see yourself as you really are.”

    MacArthur study bible

    The MacArthur Study Bible was first issued in 1997. It is a study Bible edited by evangelical Calvinist preacher John F. MacArthur with introductions and annotations to the 66 books of the Protestant Bible. It also has charts, maps, personal notes, Biblical harmonies, chronologies of Old Testament kings and prophets, and appendices. MacArthur, pastor of Grace Community Church and chancellor of The Master’s Seminary, wrote more than half of the 20,000 entries himself in longhand, and reworked many of the others written by seminary faculty (credit: Wikipaedia)


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    Twitter: @johnmacarthur

    Instagram: @gractoyou



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