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John Gray – Sunday Service 8 30AM We are live at Relentless Church August-01-2021

    JOIN Relentless Church Sunday Service at 8:30AM with John Gray, Live Stream (August-01-2021).

    I always say that, the Church is like a Football team. The coach guides and teach the players in secret to displace in the open against the opponent. At the Church, the Pastor teaches the believers to go out for Ministry. To go out and represent the kingdom of Righteousness (God’s Kingdom) and to make a difference in the world. John Gray’s Sunday services at Relentless Church at 8:30 AM is making a positive influence and impact in our society. John Gray Sunday services live at Relentless Church gathers thousands of people from around the world in front of their screens at 8:30 AM as they stream the service online.

    Join John Gray’ Sunday service at 8:30AM every Sunday right here and be thought the Word of God. The Sunday service with John Gray at Relentless Church at 8:30 AM brings mysteries to light. Grow in the Knowledge, power and Love of our Lord Jesus Christ as we fellowship together every Sunday in persons or live stream online in any part of this world. Those who want to restore the lost connection between their souls and God should adhere to the preacher’s instructions. To achieve this, you need to ensure the purity of your thoughts and do fair deeds. Watching the John Gray Relentless Church live stream is also recommended to those who want to keep peace of mind.

    Join us this and every Sunday at 8:30 AM as we bring you live courage from Relentless Church with Pastor John Grace.

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    John Gray Online Sermon. 


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