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    JOEL TUDMAN SERMON SURVIVING THE ATTACK : Bishop TD Jakes of the Potters House shares this inspiring, educative and life changing sermon by  Pastor Joel Tudman titled ”surviving the attack and healing the mind” wherein he said, I’ve been drawn into the attack all because you just wanted to go one time all because you just wanted to go over all because you just wanted to spend the night all because you just wanted to stay a little bit later all because you thought it was just okay to do it one time, all because you felt like well i can get away with it once or twice and once or twice became a habit and it became an addiction and addiction almost puts you in the grave because there was no discipline to the nature and so now here we are.

    He’s in Sodom he and Abram have disconnected and I need to park there for a second because some of you can’t move forward because of how you interpret disconnection or separation, this connection does not mean disassociation, disassociation is a severing, disconnection is a separating. Some of you got to understand you’re going to have to disconnect from certain people in order to go where it is that you need to go, but when i have to disassociate myself from you that means I really almost hate, that i ever met you that means i don’t really want my name even brought up with your name that simply means you and I do not have a future, there was no reason for the two of us even come together and I probably don’t even want to see you again.

    Some of you hurt so bad when you separate, that you define it in your spirit as disassociation and so when you see people, you feel a wound automatically because you don’t know how to let go but that’s not true when you disassociate, we will have a wound because when you rip the two of us apart both of us have a scar from where we were once attached but when we disconnect we both are saying it is best for us to walk away from each other so that we can still survive and some of you are going to have to make that in our lives

    Some people you are going to have to disconnect from or separate from and then there’s some you are going to have to be cut severely from for you to make that decision. Abram goes to where he said he’s going to go over in Canaan and he camps out over in memory and he has a couple of brothers that he’s parked with and he lives his life and the last time he sees lot, they disconnect and lot chooses the more fertile ground, he’s in the city doing his thing and as he’s doing his thing, there’s an attack that happens, now look at the tension in the text because everybody was doing the thing in Sodom the scripture says that Sodom was very evil it was very wicked, it was a place where everybody allowed their nature to rule in the environment.


    Pastor Joel Tudman wants us to always bear in mind that God is our solution to surviving attacks and having our mind purged of sin.


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