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    JOEL OSTEEN SERMONS TRANSCRIPT THE GOD WHO OPENS DOORSPastor Joel Osteen talks to us today about the God who opens doors. We all face situations where it seems like the door is shut, we’re working hard but not getting good breaks, the loan didn’t go through, we still haven’t met anyone. Thoughts will tell you, “That door is never going to open. You can’t accomplish your dreams, you don’t have the training, and you are locked out. Sometimes it’s like a door has been slammed in our face. A person walked away, a friend betrayed us, we came down with an illness, the door looks permanently locked.

    But the scripture says, “God will open doors that no person can shut.” God is your doorkeeper; he’s in control of the doors in your life. You may be up against a door that seems locked, no way you can get well, no way you can start your business, no way you can break that addiction, that door is dead bolted, chained. No, when it’s your time the Most high God will break the chains.

    He’s about to unlock some doors that have been locked. You’re about to walk into what you’ve been shut out of promotion, healing, freedom, and the right people.

    Don’t believe the lies that the doors are permanently closed, the god who opens doors is about to show out in your life. Maybe you’ve been shut out of abundance, stuck behind a door of lack, not enough, that door opening up right now, God is doing a new thing, he’s about to take you where you’ve never been.

    The Israelites wandered in the desert forty years, shut out of the promised land, they could see it but they couldn’t go in it, the door was closed, the people living there were bigger, stronger, more powerful they couldn’t defeat them, but just because the door has been closed, doesn’t mean it’s going to stay closed.

    God told Joshua, “it’s time to possess the land.” he was saying, “Joshua, I know the door has been shut, I haven’t allowed you to go in, the obstacles were too big, but this is a new season, I’m going to open this door so you can enter the promised land.” doors that have been closed a long time for you, are about to open.

    David said in psalm 24, “open up ancient gates and the king of glory will come in.” ancient gates mean things that have been shut for years, doors that have been closed in your family line, for generations, things you’ve been shut out of, dealing with addictions, depression, low self-esteem, mediocrity, those ancient gates are about to open up.

    Pastor Joel Osteen wants us to know, understand and believe that like the Israelites, you’re about to walk into your promised land, to blessings, freedom, wholeness, success, chains are being broken for our sakes right now, deadbolts coming off, doors opening.

    We are being brought out of generational curses, generational limitations, and generational struggles, into generational blessings. What’s been stored up for your family is about to be released with you.

    What has been held back and should have been yours is not lost, it’s been accumulating, ancient gates are going to open up. God was getting you prepared for what’s next the scripture says he didn’t take the Israelites through the shortest route to the promised land because they weren’t ready for war. Their enemies would have defeated them.

    That time you’ve been shut out, the door has been closed was not wasted, God was doing a work in you, getting you stronger, making sure you could carry the weight of glory, you were faithful, you kept doing the right thing, you didn’t complain when it wasn’t fair, you didn’t get bitter over who did you wrong, now you have passed the test.

    Pastor Joel said you proved to God you would be faithful, now you’re going to come into favor, resources, opportunities you’re going to see what your parents and grandparents dreamed of you’re going to walk into the blessing that they prayed for.

    Watch , Listen and meditate on the word of God in this sermon by Pastor Joel Osteen.

    Credit : Joel Osteen Youtube


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