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    JOEL OSTEEN SERMONS THE REWARDS OF INTEGRITY : Today pastor Joel Osteen talks to us today about the rewards of integrity, there’s a lot of compromise in our society people that think nothing about being dishonest making underhanded deals, not keeping their word, they wonder why they can’t get ahead, it’s because they don’t have integrity, integrity is the foundation that a successful life is built on, you can have talent, vision, determination but without integrity you won’t reach your highest potential.


    A person of integrity does the right thing when no one is watching, they don’t play on the computer because the boss stepped away, they don’t leave someone out of a commission because they didn’t know about the sale, they don’t cut corners at the job site because nobody will find out about it, they give it their best whether anyone is there or not.


    When you have integrity, you don’t take supplies from the office to bring home to use, you don’t show up late to work and have somebody clock in earlier for you, you don’t spend half the day making personal phone calls at the office, saying to yourself well, they don’t pay me enough anyways. Maybe not but that’s not integrity if you will do the right thing God will make it up to you, he’s keeping the records.


    Many things we face are simply tests, God is seeing everything, are we ready to go higher? Maybe the bank teller gives you too much money in return are you going to have integrity go back and make things right or are you going to say thank you Jesus you did it again.


    That is not the answer to your prayer, do you call in sick to work, coughing, sniffling so you can take the day off and go shopping, you could win an academy award with that performance but that’s not integrity. Don’t be surprised if you can’t find anything at the store, they don’t have your size, nobody will wait on you, traffic’s backed up, maybe it’s because there’s no blessing on it.


    We can’t deceive people and expect to have his favour, when somebody knocks on your door at home and you don’t feel like being visited do you tell your child go answer tell them Iā€™m not here? that works but it’s not integrity, don’t complain when your child doesn’t tell the truth, we’re leading by example we can tell our children do the right thing, stay on the high road but if they see us compromising, they’re going to do the same thing.


    When you have integrity, you pay your bills, you don’t sweep things under the rug, you keep your commitments, don’t buy things that you know you can’t pay for let God bless you first, once you have the funds then you can purchase it but it’s not integrity to make commitments that you know you’re not going to be able to keep.


    Pastor Joel Osteen tells us that we must do the right thing when nobody is watching, don’t let small things keep you from the big destiny God has in store, start passing these tests be honourable and trustworthy a person of your word. If you’ll do this I believe and declare because you walk in integrity God is going to have a shield around you, he’s going to keep you from making major mistakes. You’re not only going to be protected but you’re going to see promotion and improvements in all aspects of your life.




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