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    JOEL OSTEEN SERMON BLESS YOURSELF EVERYDAY : The scripture says with our words, we can bless or we can curse, we can lift up or we can push down, my question is are you blessing yourself or are you cursing yourself, are you speaking words of faith life victory or are you speaking defeat, mediocrity, I’m so undisciplined, I’ll never lose this weight, I’ll never break this addiction I’m unattractive, I’ll never meet the right person.

    You may not realise it but you’re cursing yourself, you’re speaking defeat into your future, you have enough people in life against, you don’t be against yourself, there are forces of darkness trying to keep you from your destiny, don’t give them any fuel, pay attention to what you’re saying about yourself.

    You can’t talk defeat and have victory, you can’t talk lack and have abundance, you can’t talk sickness and have help, you may be undisciplined right now but the way to change is not by telling how bad you are, putting yourself down that’s inviting more difficulties start speaking victory, don’t curse yourself anymore, start blessing yourself, I am disciplined, I am determined, I am strong, I will break this addiction, I will get back in shape.

    A friend of mine struggled with smoking for many years, he tried to quit again and again wasn’t able to do it, he was constantly saying it’s too hard, I’ll never break it, I don’t have the willpower, he came down for prayer and he was very hard on himself, very critical, he told me how he was undisciplined, how he had quit for a few months and went back and how he wasn’t going to be able to break it, he didn’t realise he was cursing himself, I told him what I’m telling you, you have to change what you’re saying, you have to start blessing yourself every day.

    Pastor Joel Osteen said, we should Start saying I am strong, I am disciplined, this addiction doesn’t control me, he tried this different approach while he was smoking, he would say lord thank you that i am free, thoughts would tell him are you kidding, you’re not free you’re just as addicted as you were before. The scripture says let the weak say I’m strong, don’t describe the weakness, call in strength, call in freedom, call in favour, about six months later something interesting happened, he started to not like the taste of the cigarette, he thought it was a bad batch, the taste got worse and worse, he got to the point where he couldn’t stand it, he stopped smoking today, he’s been free for over eight years.

    It all started when he stopped cursing himself and he started blessing himself, are you speaking negative over yourself, are you putting yourself down, talking about how you don’t measure up, what you can’t do, how you’ll never be free do yourself a favour, quit cursing yourself and start blessing yourself

    Pastor Joel Osteen said If you keep being negative towards yourself it will keep you from your destiny.


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