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Joel Osteen Sermon : Your Wings Are Coming

    Joel Osteen Sermon Your Wings Are Coming: Joel Osteen talk to us today about “your wings are coming” we all face situations that look like they’ll never change, in our career seems like we’ve reached our limits, we have much bigger things in our heart, we know what God has promised but when we look at the circumstances it says we’re stuck, when we look at the medical report, look at the bank account, there’s no sign of things improving but the scripture says, the things we see are temporary but the things we can’t see are eternal.

    Do not be discouraged by what you see, it’s not permanent. One translation says the things we see are subject to change, your child may be off course but he’s subject to change, your health may not look good but it’s subject to change, your dream may seem impossible that’s subject to change.

    When thoughts tell you that it’s permanent, you’ll never get well, never meet the right person, instead of being discouraged, turn it around, yes it may look that way now but I know a secret, it is subject to change. You can’t be moved by what you see; you have to be moved by what you know. God is on the throne, he’s working behind the scenes, what he promised is on the way, when a caterpillar is crawling to the ground, barely moving, I can imagine he looks up and sees a beautiful butterfly flying, through the air the more he watches the more depressed he gets, thinking it’s not fair why can’t I fly I’ll always be grounded.

    When he looks at his circumstances, there’s nothing about them that says he will ever fly, no sign of him ever getting off the ground, if an expert examined him he would give him no chance of taking flight, he has no wings if you put him up next to a dozen other worms, none of them have ever flown, but there’s something different about the caterpillar in its DNA, it’s been programmed at a certain time to develop wings, even though it seems impossible even though every thought says it will never fly one day it does the impossible, it transforms into a beautiful butterfly, that can soar through the air.

    All that time he thought he was stuck on the ground, he didn’t realize it wasn’t permanent, his wings were coming like that caterpillar, all your circumstances may say you’ll never fly, you don’t have the training, the experience, you come from the wrong family, thoughts will tell you, you’ll always be grounded, you’ll always struggle, in your finances always be addicted, no, get ready your wings are coming.

    Where you are is not permanent, God did not create you to crawl, to go through life lonely, addicted, struggling and he didn’t make you in his own image, breathe life into you, crown you with favor so you could barely get by. he created you to soar, to take new ground, to go further than you thought possible, now quit being discouraged by what you see, what you see is subject to change, you don’t know what god is up to you don’t know what he’s doing behind the scenes.




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