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Joel Osteen Sermon- Your Set Time For Favor

    Joel Osteen Sermon Your Set Time For Favor : Watch and learn from this soul strengthening  and motivational sermon by the lead pastor of Lakewood Church, Pastor Joel Osteen and it is a sermon filled with amazing life lessons.

    preaching on this sermon, Victoria Osteen husband, Pastor Joel Osteen said,

    In the Old Testament, the Israelites had several different feasts that they had to observe each year. These were special times that God had set aside to bless His people and show His favor.

    In the same way, there are set times God has already ordained to show out in your life.

    Sometimes when we’ve been waiting for a long time—for a healing, a dream to come to pass, or for a problem to turn around—it’s easy to get into a wait mode and not really expect anything.

    But Psalm 102: 12-13 says, “But You, O Lord, are still on the throne. You will arise and have mercy on Zion, for the time to favor her, yes, the set time has come.”

    Let this message create a new expectancy within you that will refresh your spirit and cause you to live life with a new spring in your step, knowing that there is already a God-given, set time for favor in your life!

    Kindly watch/listen to this Joel Osteen Sermon ” Your Set Time For Favorand as you do so, may God bless his words in our hearts and grant us all ur heart desires.

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    Video credit : Joel Osteen Youtube

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