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Joel Osteen Sermon : You Will Eat The Fruit Of Your Words

    Joel Osteen Sermon You Will Eat The Fruit Of Your Words: Today Joel Osteen talks to us on “our words are setting the direction for our lives”. If you want to know what you’re going to be like five years from now, listen to what you’re saying about yourself, I’ll never get well, I’ll never break this addiction, I’ll never meet the right person you are prophesying your future.

    You can’t speak defeat and have victory, you can’t talk sickness and have health you can’t speak lack and struggle and have abundance, and the scripture says you will eat the fruit of your words.

    Pay attention to what you’re saying about yourself, about your family, your finances, your health, you’re going to become what you’re continually saying, that’s why it’s so important to get in a habit of speaking victory over your life all through the day, I am blessed, I am strong, I am healthy, I’m surrounded by favor, something good is going to happen to me.

    The fruit of those words are blessings, favor, abundance, it’s not enough to just think it, we give life to our faith by speaking it out, when you’re in tough times, you can complain, talk about the problem, say words like i can’t believe this happened or you can say father, thank you that you’re fighting my battles, thank you that what was meant for harm, you’re turning to my advantage.

    You’re coming out of this better than you were before and a breakthrough, don’t use your words to describe the situation use your words to change the situation.

    Saying words like Well I’ll never get out of this problem, you’re inviting defeat, I’m not that talented you’re inviting limitations, I’ll never accomplish my dreams I don’t have the connections you’re inviting mediocrity, you need to send out some new invitations.

    You may be struggling with depression, your report should be this is only temporary, this is not who I am, I am free, I am happy, I have a bright future, that dream may look too big but I know with God all things are possible, new doors are about to open good, breaks are looking for me, divine connections, the right people are headed my way.

    Paul said in Ephesians, let everything you say be good and helpful so that your words will be an encouragement to those that hear them, one person that hears your words is you, they go out of your mouth and back into your own ears, if you hear them long enough they’ll take root in your spirit, you believe what you say about yourself more than what anyone else says, there’s nothing more powerful.

    Proclaim the right words in your life, words like father thank you that my children are mighty in the land, you said the seed of the righteous my seed is blessed as for me and my house we will serve the lord.

    Some say instead, I don’t see how I can get ahead, nobody in my family has been successful, this pandemic is going to put my business under, when you talk defeat you’re headed back mediocrity you’re headed that way.  pastor Joel Osteen wants us to know that we control the rudder we’re setting the direction with your words.

    Are you saying something else? Jesus said said you’re fearfully and wonderfully made a masterpiece, crowned with favor, are you calling yourself inferior, weak, not attractive? Start declaring what he promised. Father you said even in famine the righteous will have more than enough, you said whatever I put my hands to will prosper and succeed, you said because I’m a giver you would open the windows of heaven pour out blessings that I cannot contain. Continues to use positive words and attract more favours.


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