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    JOEL OSTEEN SERMON TRUSTING GOD WHEN YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND : Pastor Joel Osteen talks to us today about trusting when we don’t understand, we all go through things in life that don’t make sense, a friend walked out of a relationship, the company is downsizing, and they don’t need us anymore, we were being our best then this pandemic hit, business went down, children can’t go to school, dreams are put on hold.


    Sometimes it feels like we’re going backwards and it’s easy to live frustrated and think, “God why is this happening?” but we’re not going to understand everything that happens God’s ways are not our way, he can see things that we can’t see, just because it’s not fair doesn’t mean God is not in control.


    Your steps are being ordered by the lord, if he allowed it to happen, he’s going to bring good out of it, he promises all things work together for your good, on its own it may not be good, it wasn’t fair, you’re uncomfortable, but when it all comes together you’re going to see how it works to your advantage. the difficulty, the delay, the betrayal was all instrumental in you reaching your destiny, none of us like bad breaks loss, delay, but without that difficulty, you couldn’t become who you were created to be.


    it may look like a dead end but really, it’s setting you up for promotion, that door closed so a bigger door could open, that person that left you, it was hurtful, but it wasn’t just their choice, God moved them out of the way, so he could bring someone better, that struggle was difficult, you didn’t do anything wrong but you had opposition at work, your child wouldn’t do what’s right; it wasn’t fair but what you couldn’t see is it was growing you up, developing your character, getting you stronger, more confident, more determined. Without it, you wouldn’t be prepared for the blessing, the increase, the new levels that are coming your way.


    You may not understand what you’re going through, you could live worried and discouraged, try a new approach, “God I don’t understand it, but I trust you, I know you’re in control, you’re working all things for my good, so I’m not going to live upset, I’m going to stay in peace knowing that you will get me to where I’m supposed to be.”


    in john 13, Jesus was about to be crucified, he and his disciples were eating dinner together at what we know as the last supper, these disciples had spent the last few years with Jesus, seeing incredible miracles, him heal the sick, raise Lazarus from the dead, feed thousands with a little boy’s lunch, they were with Jesus when he made his triumphant entry into Jerusalem with people lining the streets, shouting, “Hosanna.”


    it was an experience greater than they ever imagined but that evening as they gathered for dinner, the mood quickly changed, Jesus told them how his hour had come and how he was going to be betrayed and crucified, instead of people celebrating, they would mock him. After dinner Jesus took a bowl of water and a towel, and he washed the disciple’s feet.


    he said in verse 7, “you don’t realize now what I’m doing, but one day you will understand.” Jesus was telling the disciples in effect, “you’re going to walk through some things in the days to come that you don’t understand up to this point, there’s been people cheering me on, but now I’m about to be betrayed.


    There’s going to be opposition, persecution, said i would never leave you but I’m about to be taken away.” He knew they were going to feel lonely, confused, afraid, so he told them right up front, you’re not going to understand it now, but one day you will.


    Pastor Joel Osteen like these disciples, there will be times in life that you don’t understand what God is doing, things don’t make sense, trouble, delays, closed doors, people that betrayed you, prayers that haven’t been answered it doesn’t make sense now, but don’t worry, one day you’re going to understand, God is going to connect all the dots.


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