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Joel Osteen Sermon 2021- Trouble Is Transportation

    Joel Osteen Sermon Trouble Is Transportation: we all go through bad moments, its easy to go through trials and think why me oh lord, God Uses our troubles and difficulties to move us towards our destinies. its important we note that nothing happens by accident you may not understand it, but God will not allow it unless it work to your advantage.  sometimes we go through wrong so we can gain experiences, sometimes doors are closed so that bigger doors could be opened, sometimes people leave us so we could meet other people who are better. sometimes we may be stuck according to our human understanding but in the realm of God, we are in motion and on our way, we are always moving in Gods plan.

    We grow in the tough times, trouble prepares you for the next level, it develops in you things that cannot be developed when it is easy and everything is going your way. in difficult times, your spiritual muscles develop when  you are experiencing tough times.

    every obstacle we have been through has deposited something in us, every relationship that did not work out, you gained experience and insight and its all a part of Gods plan. the reason you have big challenges is because you have a big destiny. ordinary people have ordinary challenges, normal people have normal challenges, you must always remember that you are not average nor ordinary, you are the child of God and the creator of heaven and earth, God is preparing you for something greater than you can imagine.

    Pastor Joel Osteen uses the life of Moses as an example, he was born into trouble , it was no fault of his, and it happened when he was a child and he was so vulnerable, life dealt an unfair hand, it felt like he was born at the wrong time but his mother understood that God has the final say of our life and has always got us. if you can trust God in the  good times, why do you not you trust him in the bad?


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