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    JOEL OSTEEN SERMON THE SECRET TO SOLVING PROBLEMS : Pastor Joel Osteen talks to us today about the secret to solving problems, we all face challenges; things we’re believing will turn around, a child that’s off course, a sickness we’re dealing with, a dream that seems impossible.


    We’ve been praying, believing, but nothing is changing, sometimes God won’t allow you to solve your own problem, the secret is, and you have to help someone else solve their problem. You have to take the focus off yourself and be good to others in your time of need.


    as you sow that seed, that’s what’s going to bring the harvest that you’re waiting for but you’ll be tempted to think, “i can’t help them, i have my own problems, I need to spend my energy to try to fix my situation but if you’ll take your hands off of your problem and be good to someone else, God will put his hands on your problem and make things happen that you couldn’t make happen.


    While you’re working on their situation, God is working on your situation. Pastor Joel Osteen said, a friend of mine struggled for many years with his teenage son; it was like they were different wavelengths. He tried his best to be loving, kind, understanding, they just didn’t get along. Invariably they’d end up in an argument, everything was so contentious, he prayed about it, quoted scripture, asked God to help him but nothing was getting better.


    he was the coach of the neighbourhood baseball team, there was a young man on his team that came from a single-parent family, he wasn’t doing good in his schoolwork, when this father learned that, he took that young man under his wing, he started bringing him home from baseball practice with his son and he would help him do his homework. He tutored him, mentored him, he became a father figure in his life, that young man looked up to him, admired him in a great way.


    About six months after this father started doing that, his relationship with his own son began to improve, they got closer, started doing things together, today they’re the best of friends you can’t keep them apart.


    The secret to solving his problem wasn’t in praying more, wasn’t in working harder; it was in helping someone else solve their problem. The scripture says, “when Job prayed for his friends, his healing quickly came.” don’t you know how many times job prayed for himself when he wasn’t feeling well? “God, please restore health back unto me. God, please free me from this pain.” that’s good, that’s releasing your faith, I’m simply saying don’t stop there because there are times your breakthrough is connected to helping someone else get their breakthrough.


    Maybe you’ve been praying diligently, standing in faith so strong, but nothing is improving, now it’s time to go be a blessing, look around. where is a need you can meet? go pray for that neighbor that’s not feeling well, go encourage that co-worker that’s struggling. go help that friend accomplish their dream and as you’re helping others, you may not be able to see it, but God is helping you.


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